WiredTree’s Managed Dedicated Servers

WiredTree Coupon CodeFor small businesses, WiredTree’s Managed Dedicated Servers surely do not disappoint. Their protected servers allow for great privacy and confidentiality for its users. This would also be considered a pretty ideal product for any small business to obtain. The reasons that these servers are great for small businesses include great feature and benefits that serves the internet and organizing needs of a business, having a private network within your small business, and having a special client portal to help manage this network. WiredTree has many benefits to offer to their clients who use their managed dedicated servers.

Anyone, especially small businesses, who has WiredTree’s Managed Dedicated Servers automatically have access to WiredTree’s 24/7 customer service and support. Not only can they answer all of the questions you may have about WiredTree’s Managed Dedicated Servers, but they can also personally help you with setting it up and how to really take advantage of it. There are also many other perks that come with this server such as firewall, ongoing updates, network and hardware management, and so much more. All of these perks fall under the management package, which is what you will automatically receive with WiredTree’s Managed Dedicated Servers.

Both you and you employees would be able to have access to a special kind of client portal known as Grove. This portal allows you to be able to monitor and manage the activities of your Managed Dedicated Server by WiredTree. There are many activities that you can control and oversee, such as server performance, service performance, and even server health. This would enable you to fix any problems that can arise with your server and maybe even improve your server performance and usage in general.

WiredTree’s Managed Dedicated Servers are very secure not only because of the firewall, but also because each and every one of them is on a separate, private VLAN. This private network enables its users, which would be you and your employees in this case, to be able to safely transfer confidential business files and documents amongst each other without the worry of any outside eyes seeing them. All of the users will, of course, have access to WiredTree’s public internet. This will not hinder the privacy of the servers, though.

WiredTree’s Managed Dedicated Servers would make a fine investment for any small business. This is especially if the business is centered on technology and the use of computers and laptops. Business owners and employees would be able to connect much more easily at an affordable price just about anywhere. The servers are secure, there is customer support ready to help you at any time, and you would also be able to manage and monitor the servers. In addition to all of this WiredTree offers special discount coupons, they’re available with this WireTree coupon code.